Welcome to Pathogen-David's /r/mylittlepony Stuff Page!

Stuff I do / contents of this website:
I run the Mumble server for PLounge Karaoke night; which is run by CraftD and myself.
I operate Searchbar_Trixie and Source_Trixie along with badjokemostlikely
The results of the 25k contest
I am a moderator on the main sub, the plounge, and /r/mlpvids
I'm a moderator of /r/thelastairbender now, too!
I am currently working on a big, secret project that RainbowCrash got me inspired to work on... On hold until further notice.

Other Silly/Random Stuff:
I have a blog/tumblr relating to my adventures in game development.
Happy 30k Subscribers, /r/mlp!
As the least senior moderator, it is my job to watch the plounge fillies most of the time.
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